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The Cohort lead for Social Media Strategy // Management + Digital Advertising

Having pursued higher education in both finance and graphic design, she knows a little bit about a lot …but we’re jumping ahead.

The day before Cameron turned 30, she found herself along with 900 other employees out of work due to the COVID pandemic. Self-proclaimed risk averse, she had two choices - be a victim of circumstance or dive head first into the uncertainty of becoming an entrepreneur. 

Spoiler alert, she went her own way founding The Social Language in May of 2020. 


Bringing a decade of experience in social media strategy, graphic design and content creation collected from both an agency and in-house management background to a saturated social media scene, Cameron cut through the chatter to fill her client roster in 6 short months. 

From the start, she differentiated herself as a social media strategist - focusing on the big picture and playing the long game before churning posts and chasing likes. This distinct approach and repeated success earned her the trust of clients across spaces and places to include entertainment, hospitality, food + bev, marketing, retail and more. 

Both left and right brained, Cameron equally thrives in the color of creative, innovative, compelling and inspiring alongside the black-and-white of structure, strategy, analytics and performance indicators. 


Innately curious, where others are exhausted by the ever-evolving social media landscape, she finds energy in its nuances, human nature, lifelong learning and endless corners to explore.  

Going into her third year as HBIC, Cameron is focusing on educating and empowering her fellow social media professionals, both independent and part of in-house teams, to best serve their clients and, most importantly, themselves. 

When she isn’t being the social media whisperer and blowing our collective minds with the next cool conversation or pop culture reference, you may find Cam cooking, quad skating around Hampton Park, catching her favorite DJs at Trio, or taking Basil (chihuahua) & Hoagie (mini dachshund) for long walks at the beach.

Cameron Sepulveda - The Cohort Collab
Cameron Sepulveda - The Cohort Collab
The Social Language
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