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The Cohort lead for Coaching // Consulting, Messaging + Website Design

Some moves are born of life-long passion while others come from the universe delivering a swift kick in the rear – for Mary Beth, it was a fine combination of both. 


A seasoned veteran of the stiletto sprint from corporate to start-up, Mary Beth has more than a decade of dedicated marketing and communications experience (healthcare tech, international law, politics, US government) that, somewhere along the way, transformed her into a small business swiss army knife. 


Neck deep in the tech rat-race finding herself salty and burnt out, Mary Beth was exhausted from fighting demands for smoke screens and silver bullets that promised quick sales but inevitably led to the same end – profound disappointment and costly clean-up.


Between climbing rungs on the corporate ladder, she sought solace in side-hustle that soothed her need to see great work come to fruition, and, as time marched on, realized a common thread among her favorite projects – they were all for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 


Drawn to the passion, tenacity and enthusiasm found among these misfits, she was gobsmacked by the lack of attainable resources and comprehensive support available for these movers and shakers. 


See a need, fill a need – the small business space needed a scrappy champion to serve as its Swiss army knife for all things branding and marketing. In December of 2016, she founded Front & Center with this mission in mind. 


Fast forward 4 short years and a few bottles of wine, Front & Center added Behind The Scenes in 2020, its business coaching and consulting arm, to the firm’s portfolio. 


Today, her firm is proud to still exclusively serve small business and entrepreneurs with a delightfully distinct approach to bring all the moving parts together - taking you from inspiration, vision and strategy on through execution. 


When she’s not manifesting dreams or cracking the whip on the task at hand, you may find her musing as a co-host for Rhapsody Radio, snuggling with her three large rescue pups, being a shebeast at Rhapsody Fitness or bopping around Park Circle with her beloved bearded brewer. 

The Cohort Collab x Front & Center
The Cohort Collab x Front & Center
The Cohort Collab x Front & Center
The Cohort Collab x Front & Center
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